Web Monsters



Our client approached us with a problem on how to educate children about harms of the internet in a fun an engaging way. Whatever happens online, usually children gulp it with great intetest – no matter how bad or unfit it sometimes is. And it doesn’t work to just set the rules for younglings.


So how do You tell children that internet is full of shady things as well? By illustrating those, of course. Each character is surrounded by iconic details perfectly recognizable for web consumer. Make acquaintance with the infamous quartet of digital vices!

Swallowski – loves eating personal data pudding, password ramen and browsing cookies. Neverending appetite for personal data!

Cogface – no one knows whether it’s he, she or them. Neither do they. A master of deceit will offer You millions of dollars from Zimbabwe, a quick chat about something too personal or quirky.

Torrentino – a true collector! Sharing is caring, – Torrentino winks while showing You off his vast collection of movies, music and games, – so how about some personal data or credit card information in exchange? Or maybe You can host some of my precious little pets at your hard drive as well?

Ms. Merize – is here to show you a whole new world. Silver-tongue as she is, she never loses her hidden agenda of getting you off the track and luring into a trap.